Mattress Firm is changing the way New Mexican’s sleep with Tempur-pedic mattress; it can do the same for you.
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The TEMPUR material responds to your body’s temperature and weight, and conforms to your body to minimize pressure that keeps your body awake.

Mattress Features

  • TEMPUR material conforms to body for a customized sleep
  • Reduces pressure on joints and pressure points
  • Offers a more relaxing sleep
  • Tailor-fit support that responds to body heat and weight

Types of TEMPUR Materials

-TEMPER-Flex: Faster response
Hybrid core for a traditional mattress feel, topped with layers of TEMPUR material for cushiony support that quickly adapts to your body.

-TEMPER-contour: Firmer support
The Contour collection is the firmest feel of all Tempur-pedic beds. Designed for a firm feel for those individuals that need pressure relief for ideal sleep.

-TEMPER-cloud: Softer support
Like an actual cloud, this mattress provides an extra-pillowy feel without a pillow top. The innovative layers provides comfort and support, along with a cooling layer to disperse body heat.

-TEMPER-breeze: Cooler comfort
From firm to soft, these mattresses respond to elevated body temperature in three different ways, reducing heat and humidity while you sleep. Infused with Pure Cool technology to help keep your body cooler as you rest.

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