Mattress Comfort Levels

Let our professionally trained sleep experts fit you for your perfect mattress using our in-store comfort test. It’s easy, just answer a few questions and try how different mattresses we offer feel, in order to find the optimum support and pressure relief for your unique body type. The perfect mattress will depend on your sleeping preferences, patterns, and needs.

There are four levels of comfort by color to choose from:

Firm mattresses offer the least surface “give” and would be considered harder in feel when compared to other mattress surfaces. If you like a solid feel rather than soft, firm may be your choice.

Plush mattresses offer more surface “give” and provide a softer surface comfort. This is a happy balance between firm and pillow top.

Pillow Top mattresses provide the ultimate in surface comfort and firmness, cradling and supporting your every move with pillow like softness while you sleep.

Contoured mattresses provide pressure relieving support by conforming to your body. It is firm where you need it and soft where you want it.